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Haploid Horatio and other scattered thoughts

From:Mia Soderquist <tuozin@...>
Date:Friday, October 22, 1999, 21:20
John Cowan wrote:
> > Mia Soderquist scripsit: > > > Horatio. Definitely H for Horatio... > > No, no, H for Haploid!
But...but... Haploid is such an ugly word (IMO)... I think it is the -oid part of it... And Horatio is such a cute name!
> > (haploid: possessing only half the usual number of chromosomes, deriving > them from a single parent only.)
Norns (from the game Creatures) manage to have 2 parents and only a single (not paired) set of genes. They inherit a gene on each locus from one parent or the other. [Computer Gaming Trivia] I haven't started a new language yet, but have rather been starting the rather tedious and awful task of typing the ea-luna lexicon into the computer. It has a rather large vocabulary, currently available only in handwritten form, in a notebook-- listed ea-luna to English, in ea-luna syllabary order. As you can imagine, this makes finding words for translations a tad difficult. I had started typing it all out, but I lost the floppy I had stored it on, so we are starting from scratch. But... I was thinking that I'd like to write into one of my languages a way to talk about gerbil, mouse, and rat genetics... A shorthand way to hold this conversation aloud: Person 1: Wow! That's a pretty pink-eyed white gerbil! Is it c(h)c(h)pp? Person 2: No, it's aac(b)c(h)eeggpp... At the moment, among gerbil fanciers on the Net, the conversation might go: 1: Is that a PEW? 2: No, it is a pink-eyed light colorpoint silver nutmeg. Which seems like a fairly good way of handling it, maybe. Each locus is represented that way. But that still doesn't do anything at all for talking about, say, a golden agouti that is AaCc(h)EeGgPp, which would look identical to one that was AACCEEGGPP. So that's what I want to tackle... Sorry to have gotten off on this tangent... Just had that on my brain... Not sure I am going to tackle it head-on until I am done all this typing. [heaving a heavy sigh] -- Mia Soderquist ( clank clank *crash* clank clank *crash* (Two knights walk into a bar)