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Ejective pharyngeal fricative?

From:Daniel A. Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, October 22, 1999, 16:47
Okay, everything's back to normal now.  I posted a list of Tech roots (not
formed into real words yet), but I forgot to explain the conventions.  I got
a lot of diacritics, but it's all lower-half ASCII, so it's not pretty.

(Soon, the letters followed by dots, which indicate retroflexes, uvular 'g',
pharyngeal 'h' and such could be replaced by capital letters, even though I
prefer to use a case-insensitive system.)

In reforming the 'laryngeal' consonant system (there are six basic ones with
dozens of featurals), I came up with three glottals and three pharyngeals.
The glottals are:

'   glottal stop (also used to mark ejectives)
h   voiceless glottal fricative
`   voiced glottal fricative (Hindi 'h')
h.  voiceless pharyngeal fricative (Arabic 'hhaa')
"   voiced pharyngeal fricative (Arabic 'ayin')
h'  a glottalized (ejective?) voiceless pharyngeal fricative

The last one is giving me grief.  My non-ASCII limited transcription symbol
is the glottal stop symbol (? without the dot) with a bar through it.  It's
also the IPA symbol for the epiglottal stop (or affricate?).

Does anybody know how to pronounce this, and what it should sound like?
Whenever I try to say it, it sounds like I'm hawking up a looger; it's
pretty disgusting.

By the way, the root list is at


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