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Re: Wittgenstein and private language; was: revealing your status as a conlanger

Date:Friday, June 18, 2004, 18:36
Sally Caves scripsit:

> I don't know. I once described a plunger as a "kleegle." I was four, I was > in the bathtub and I pointed to the toilet plunger and asked my mother > "what's that kleegle over there?" (already conlanging) Mom still uses the > word to mean an object you don't have a word for. It's a private joke, a > word only our family knows. I suppose if I were a famous author and wrote > about it, it could fall into public use.
There *are* in fact lots of words in public use for that purpose: gadget, widget, gilkickie, e.g. Geeks also have a set of proper names (though not usually capitalized) for referring to complex things: foo, bar, baz. But "kleegle" is charming, provided it does not put you in mind of "Kleagle" (the title of some KKK official or other). -- Here lies the Christian, John Cowan judge, and poet Peter, Who broke the laws of God and man and metre.