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Depressing vocabulary for mid-June

From:Elyse M. Grasso <emgrasso@...>
Date:Friday, June 18, 2004, 17:01
I am "catching" or possibly "coming down with" a "cold". (Actually it may not
be rhinovirus: mostly some sneezing and a sore throat so far, but it doesn't
feel like allergies...)

This is obviously very idiomatic: I know that a cold in Japanese is 'kaze' --
wind -- but I don't off-hand remember the idioms for how one acquires one.
Or how one happens. A character in an anime I watched a couple of days ago
said "Kaze da." (It's a cold) rather than something referring to possession
of or by the ailment.

If the speakers of your languages suffer from minor ailments and illnesses:

Do they possess the ailment or does the ailment possess them (possibly in
demonic mode) or does the ailment just happen?

If the speakers are human, what is a "cold" called? How strict is the
definition of the set of symptoms that count as a cold?

How do they deal with minor vs severe illnesses? Is there a recognized
difference between illness (fevers and respiratory problems) and injury
(mechanical damage like bruises, bone fractures and bleeding) or is it all
one category?
Elyse Grasso

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