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Re: Xhosa?

From:Paul Roser <pkroser@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 25, 2001, 18:37
on Mon, 24 Sep 2001 Herman Miller wrote...

> In Xhosa and Zulu, the click letters are <c>, <q>, and <x>: <c> > is dental, <q> is alveolar (or maybe retroflex?), and <x> is > lateral. They may also be aspirated, voiced, or nasalized, so you > get combinations like the <xh> in "Xhosa" (aspirated lateral click). > I've used clicks in a couple of old languages (really language > sketches), Nikta (N!tet'ak'!tùl) and Qiira Triicha (the <q> of > "Qiira" is a low-pitched alveolar click, and the language also has > a higher-pitched alveolar click written <x>!).
(I tried to post from Yahoo, but that appears not to have worked, please forgive repetition) I believe that your (sketch?) language Neyasai also has clicks (and whistles!) - several years back you had kindly posted the phoneme inventory for Nikta (and a large and impressive sets of sounds it was!) and I was hoping you might post as much of the phoneme inventories for Neyasai and Qiira Triicha as you can recall. On the subject of conlangs with clicks I can add three: And Rosta's Livagian which has four basic clicks - /mx, nx, rx, lx/ bilabial, dental, (post)alveolar, and lateral voiced nasal clicks; Paul Bennett's mQlo` (aka mql12aw) - which had bilabial, alveolar, palatoalveolar, front retroflex and back retroflex clicks; and my own Tsx'aah (aka Scungric) which is once again under revision but will most likely have at least six clicks in the final version - voiceless and voiced nasalized bilabial, dental, and retroflex clicks. Regards, Bfowol


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