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Re: Phonemes

From:John L. Leland <countsirjehan@...>
Date:Sunday, July 27, 2003, 3:09
 Rihana-ye Phoneme List
My thanks to all those who advised me on this,
particularly Mark J. Reed

Standard             X-Sampa

a                     /A/ or /O/
e                     /e/
i                      /i/
o                     /o/
u                     /u/
y (as vowel)      /aj/

b                     /b/
k                     /k/
d                     /d/
f                      /f/
g                     /g/
h                     /h/
j                     /dz/
l                      /l/
m                   /m/
n                     /n/
p                     /p/
r                      /r/
s                     /s/
t                      /t/
v                      /v/
w                     /w/
y (consonant)    /j/
z                     /z/

The Five Added Sounds:

ch                    /tS/
hl                    /K/?
sl                    /s_l/?
tl                    /tK/?
th                    /T/

Note:y as a vowel is also an "added sound"
though one that was added at a fairly early stage.
The original intent was that every letter would only
represent one sound.

John Leland