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New group: Uraliconlang

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Thursday, April 3, 2003, 19:14
Attention everybody!

We have a new workshop, Uraliconlang. Its creator, Santeri Junttila, has asked
me to forward the following message to you:

I created to-day a new group called Uraliconlang. Now I am just waiting for
the members to come... This is what I wrote in the description:

"This group, an offshoot of Conlang, is devoted to all aspects of conlangs
based on or inspired by Uralic (Fenno-Ugric and Samoyed) languages, as well
as the resulting cultures.

Membership is of course open to everyone with expertise in Uralic
linguistics, or with merely a passing interest therein. Because of the
great variety between this large group of languages, also the possibilities
it offers are extremely numerous. Your contributions are always sought and

In this initial phase of the group I use both English and Finnish as
mailing languages: the practise can be reformed always after the opinions
of the members."

And now about myself. I am a 28 years old student of Finno-Ugric languages
in the University of Helsinki: curretly I am working as a Finnish teacher
in Riga.

I have started many conlangs during my life, and most of them are based
either on Fenno-Ugric or Indo-European languages. Most of my projects have
remained in the sketch stage (I assume this being the state of things with
the most conlangs;) but a couple of them, including two Finnic conlangs,
are somewhat more developed, at least what comes to morphology.

My current conlang project is a revised version of Modern Finnish (my
mother tongue) with an uchrony (alternative history) starting from the year
1495. This project is something wholly different from my other ones.

I am ready to discuss your ideas concerning Uralic conlanging and give some
advise where I can. My knowledge of the Uralic languages is restricted to
the Fenno-Ugric subgroup (i.e. I don't know practically anything about
Samoyed languages), I have good skills in all Finnic languages, I know
something and can talk some of the languages in Sami, Mordvin and Mari
subgroups plus Hungarian: the Permian and Ob-Ugrian languages, again, are
more difficult for me.

Welcome to the new group! Terve tuloa!

Santeri Junttila


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