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Classifying my languages.

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Thursday, May 16, 2002, 2:58
I am definitively not the kind of guy that has one project and that
focus his efforts to achieve it.  I am more someone who likes to keep
starting projects.

In the period 1990-1992, when I started conlanging, I had my main
project (today known as Rithian) but I kept playing with many other
conlanging projects.  (and conscripting, concarthography, conwhatever.)
And I keep doing that.  So it is difficult to me to say: this are my

Anyhow, some of the projects I can remember are:

  Rithian: my first conlang, it begun as a way to make a language for my
current conscript which was intented as a cryptoscript (not too good,
two different guys have broken it despite I went a little more than one
sign per letter), and it was some kind of crypto-language.  It was
supposed to be used by the secret megacorp that I would built some day.
(conmegacorping?) so it was not quite a personal language, not actually
a fictional language or a conculture related one, was not supposed to
solve any communication problem and had no designed goals.

  Chleweyish: It begun as a way to have a language where "Chlewey" would
be read as it is supposed to be read, and then to put everything I had
learned about Colombian Signed language in a spoken/written language.
As a design goal I stated that Chleweyish should be a personal language
with a minimalist structure.

  Biwa: I was experimenting with two ideas: a split ergative (or split
active) language and a phonology with certain characteristics.  All this
would have suggested a language with a history but who would have been
designed in its final form.  A language like should have been spoken by
some people but I never took an aproach to say who this people was.

  Hangkerimce: also an experiment with what I understood then was a
<put-some-weird-name-here> language and a very irregular phonology.  I
decided to put this language in a conculture and then I begun to focus
more in the conculture than in the language.

  Moscha: another language in the Hangkerim universe with a totally
different approach.  I have not gone beyond the phonology and the rules
of the morphology.

  Proto-Andinan: an attempt to resurect Hangkerimce, this should be an
aglutinating language with a much richer phonology than Hangkerimce,
split ergative (was kind of contemporary to Biwa), and other features,
from which I would apply phonological changes that would led to
Hangkerimce.  The design goal: a language I could derive Hangkerimce

  Interlect: this should be the ultimate international auxiliary
language.  Well. not realy.  But it should be consistent in what I
believe an IAL should be.  I begun with a definition of the goals, and
then begun to invent and see if the language fulfit those goals.

  Tokcir (NGL): well, this is not a project of mine in the sense that it
was not my idea, I wasn't in the beginning and I am not the only one
doing that project.  I am not still sure which are the goals, but Tokcir
is definitively a language I like.  I know what NGL is not: is not an
IAL, is not a loglang, is not a concultural language, nor a fictional
one... I do not think it would count as a en(j/g/ge/gi/dZ)lang.  Not
quite a lablang either.

So, how would I classify these language of mine.

Artlangs: probably Chleweyish, Biwa, ...Tokcir?...
Ficlangs (fictional languages): Hangkerimce, Proto-Andinan and Moscha.
EndZl{Nz: would Interlect apply, And?  I guess I should be more specific
on the rules and how to measure the goals.
Lablangs: interpreting lablang as something looser than an engelang:
Interlect, Proto-Andinan, Biwa...
Experilangs: probably all but Rithian.
Auxlangs: Interlect.
Loglangs: none of the above, but I had also experilangs into the loglang

Hmmm.   I still wonder: what kind of XXXlang is NGL?
What kind of XXXlang was Rithian?

Well, all those are conlangs.

-- Carlos Th


And Rosta <a-rosta@...>