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From:David G. Durand <david@...>
Date:Saturday, February 23, 2002, 1:43
I received a copy of Christophe's mail, and checked the list, but the
digests that I checked weren't stuttering then. I saw today's digest
and it definitely is; of course I'm on the road, and that will make
finding time to fix it a little more difficult. It's almost certainly
a bad email error return, and that is going to make things difficult
to debug.

   -- David

>Hi David, > >This is just in case you weren't already aware of the problem. It seems >that the LISTSERV site has been resending old messages to itself >(causing secondary problems such as the list hold). I presume that in >this case releasing the list won't do any good unless the other problem >is taken care of. > >I'm copying this to the relay5 list (assuming it still exists). > >Jeff Jones
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