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Questions on Proto-Indo-European

From:Quentin Read <quonton79@...>
Date:Saturday, January 11, 2003, 22:18
I have recently gotten a book on PIE Roots (The Roots
of English, by David Claiborne) serendipitously from a
used bookstore - very interesting.  But anyway, I have
a few questions about it.

First of all, how where the consonants bh, dh, and gh
actually pronounced?  I can't really visualize it (or
audio-lize it).

Second, where can I find a complete list of PIE roots,
not just those that English has taken a word from?  I
am trying to make some new branches of the IE family
and it would be biased toward English to only use
those roots.  So far any source I have found including
the section in the back of the American HEritage
Dictionary have only English roots.  I've spent the
last few English classes using the list of roots to
create a new language, Quaroeth.

And finally has anyone made a .lex file of PIE roots
yet?  If not I will have to myself.

As a parting shot a pithy Quaroeth maxim shamelessly
plagiarized from english:

Miquotu quiriiri um buyardotum iholual oak.

Grass   greener  in side       other   is.

-Penkwe Reudh
(the roots upon which my name is based)

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