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Re : UN prepares to implement Universal Language?

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Date:Thursday, October 14, 1999, 21:51
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 14/10/99 21:39:41  , Pablo a =E9crit :

> Don't know how many of you will have heard about this by now, but... > =20 > > =20 > makes an interesting read. > =20
the first time i read about UNL was a year ago. apparently it was full with all the possible mixes of actors, aspects and coreferences you can find on wordnet : agent, patient, pattern, result, facility, vehicle, clothes, etc. i remember one example was "the soccer-player scores a goal with the head" so you had stuff sort of like agent =3D soccer player (field =3D sport) result =3D goal (field =3D sport) instrument =3D head (inalienable human body feature) process =3D score (field =3D sport) etc. etc. plus coreferences between, say, head and player, soccer and score, etc. that was lines and lines long. it's no language i could speak i'm afraid ;-) that's plainly semantics, isn't it ? could anyone correct me and give more info on UNL ? as for conlang : my former tunu conlang worked with 60 preverbs identifying 60 possible actors depending on the pattern implied like moving one's limb, going one's way, aplying an instrument on oneself, using a faculty, producing an artefact, consuming fuel or food, embarking a facility without=20 controlling it, etc. with no fuzzy "experiencer" or "dative" cases. but that was too hard to handle. anyone else tried that kind of hyper-analytic conlang ?=20 mathias