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From:Theodore Kloba <ted.kloba@...>
Date:Friday, October 15, 1999, 0:06
Thanks, everyone for the warm welcome.

Due, in part, to the interest expressed here, I've gotten off my behind
and started developing and refining Abibin for the first time in months.

First order of business is to "strip down" my inflections.  I don't have
many possible words to work with (because of the limited number of
phonemes and the restrictions on syllables).  I decided it was a bit
extreme for a word like "nations" to be rendered as "ugabiguqum."  Too
many syllables!

I'm also thinking about eliminating the "-u" ending verbs, and having
all of them end in "-di."

I'm still going to keep the large number of possible verbal
substantives, since I like them, and they can replace enough other words
to justify lots of syllables.  There will still be a word for
"that-which-we-have-been-burning," but don't ask me what it is just yet.

I'll be posting my updates to the webpage as soon as I think it over a

Theodore M. Kloba