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Re: Affixes used independently (was preverbs)

From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Sunday, May 4, 2008, 3:43
Tristan McLeay wrote:
>On 04/05/08 08:22:48, David McCann wrote: > > > > I can't find where I saw it quoted, but someone reported a sentence > > of > > spoken Italian: > > > > E proprio accio? > > > > i.e. "Is it really dreadful?" > > > > It's the best example of a "free affix" I can think of: the "ish" > > example didn't make much sense to me, without the explanation. > >You don't think you could explain the Italian sentence? It doesn't make >much sense to me, without an explanation. None of the words in your >translation of the Italian sentence are free affixes, so there's no way >for me to understand what part of the Italian sentence stands out. >
It's quite comparable to our "ish" exs.... E 'it is' (usu. written with grave accent è) proprio (variety of meanings, but "really" works) (Span. propio, Fr. propre) accio 'pejor. suffix'-- porcaccio 'filthy/damn pig', porcaccione 'big....' (something you might shout at someone who cuts you off in traffic); in the Autobiog. of Benvenuto Cellini, someone tells him "stai chetto, sodomitaccio" 'be quiet, you damn sodomite'. (< Lat. -aculus, -a -um IIRC)