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R: Re: Natlang-based "IAL pidgins" (was: Bigbabytalk -a primitive language for AI)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 6:49
Jonathan wrote:

> >So a pidgin with "Italo-Spanish-like lexifying" might be fun to create > >and, indeed, have aesthetic appeal for Jonathan (and, I'd guess, could >well > have aesthetic appeal for many anglophones), but don't expect it >to have
> same aesthetic appeal for Italian & Spanish speakers ;) > > Hmmm, so far Luca has reacted favourably to all my off-list
> with him on Caos Pidgin...
Sure. I find it all interesting. And then I don't think Italian people would take it so bad, after all, all main eurolangs have undergone pidginization-creolization (French, English, Dutch, German... even Norwegian - was it Russnorsk or Norsruski?). The project is very interesting also because of its TMA (Time-mood-aspect) system, which expresses tense with adverbs (pastem etc.) and mood-aspect with musical terms (!): the language was much inspired by musical creations of its speakers, who started using 'lento' 'allegro' to express modality & aspect. Really a good work , Jonathan. Luca