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From:Stephen DeGrace <stevedegrace@...>
Date:Monday, June 10, 2002, 16:37
Who has seen this lang?

It's an interesting language for a couple things,
first the sort of spirit behind it and the approach to
orthography (my superficial impression is that it is
artlanged to be kinda black and cool, although don't
tell anyone I said that! ;) ) and its origins - it was
first introduced and discussed on this list:

the Groove Syndicate, which is not a language group,
it doesn't have a topic per se although I think it's
more about music than anything. KuJoma was spawned off
when it got too involved to be cool on the parent site
(is my impression), but I think Joma is still welcome
on the parent to use if one is of a mind. The mod of
both sides is the creator of the lang.

I found something about it aesthetically very charming
and appealing, and I've been meaning to share the
pointer to the lang for a while. I'm also of the
opinion that KuJoma is pretty erudite and
sophisticated, inspired by a number of languages
including Swahili - my emphasis on the aesthetics
should not be construed in any way as taking away from
the techincal aspects. To _me_ it looks like very
competent work. Unfortunately I can't really poke my
nose in directly, because the mod doesn't really like
me very much (long story...)


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