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Re: English diglossia (was Re: retroflex consonants)

From:Sarah Marie Parker-Allen <lloannna@...>
Date:Thursday, February 6, 2003, 21:21
My mom used to have to teach her ESL students limericks to understand how to
say "McDonough"  In the end she resorted to saying "Madona with a Mc instead
of Ma."  Even people who are supposedly used to Scottish and Irish names get
it wrong (we all say it "mick-done-uh" -- sorry, but I just don't understand
how to show how to say things by using capitalized letters and ampersands

Sarah Marie Parker-Allen

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> I still think you should spell it _Coughan_. :-) > Then at least people would stop to ask for the right pronunciation! > > / B.Philip Jonsson B^)>
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