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Re: Phonetics

Date:Sunday, March 25, 2007, 15:14
li [Carsten Becker] mi tulis la

> >> also stick with TH and DH because the thorn (þ Þ) and > >> the eth (ð Ð) still look a bit weird to me. :-) Bear in > > I've seen đ instead of ð before, and also b or p for þ.
In English, Y has often been used for thorn and mistakenly pronounced as /j/ like in "ye olde ..." I have a personal language that uses edh and thorn for romanization, but sometimes when I don't have easy access on the keyboard, I'll write them as digraphs DD or TT. Likewise with NN for eng and SS or ZZ for the letters with a hacek. This works easily unless you actually have doubled consonants in the language.