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Noimi Actant Markers

From:Jeffrey Jones <jsjonesmiami@...>
Date:Monday, July 4, 2005, 0:20
The 1st and 2nd person markers are

1X  1st person exclusive
2X  2nd person exclusive
1N  1st person (or 2nd person) inclusive

BTW, I'm not bothering to distinguish number at present.

The 3rd person markers distinguish both gender and kind of reference. The
kinds of reference are:

*explicit*, for which a corresponding phrase _must_ appear,
*coreferential*, meaning the argument has the same referent as that of some
other word, and
*contextual*, whose referent is determined from context.

A corresponding phrase _may_ appear when an argument is "contextual".
"Explicit" marking is used for new information or for emphasized
information, alway the latter if the corresponding phrase is definite.

3A  3rd person, contextual, animate
3I  3rd person, contextual, inanimate
3S  3rd person, contextual, situation

Ani  coreferential, animate
Ina  coreferential, inanimate
Sit  coreferential, situation

3E  3rd person, explicit, animate OR inanimate

An explicit reference to a situation is not represented by a phrase, so
there's no marker for it. However, there _is_ a marker (Aux) which
indicates that the word acts as an auxiliary.

        3E-(saw)-1X  Ani.(dog)                  "I saw a dog."
        Aux-(saw)-1X  Ani.(dog)  3A-(run)       "I saw the dog running."

Note that since (dog) is a nominoid, the gender is implied. In fact, 3E
should probably be implied for the A1 of verboids.

There are also markers to indicate that a particular argument is

This area is so complicated, I've left a lot out.