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Noimi Inverse Marking

From:Jeffrey Jones <jsjonesmiami@...>
Date:Monday, July 4, 2005, 0:17
Another rule regarding actant marking is that A2 must be used for 1st and
2nd person markers, unless the word is V=1 (and even then, the marker
occurs in A2 position).

A possible exception is when both 1st and 2nd person arguments occur;
I'm not sure whether to use
(a) a special A2 marker for 1st person acting on 2nd person, or
(b) a special A3/A1 marker for 2nd person used only with A2 = 1st person.
I'm also not sure whether I should swap 1st and 2nd person above.

At this point, I should mention inverse marking. Inverse marking is
necessary to change which roles are mapped to which arguments. If no such
marking appears, the word has a *direct* form and the roles R1, R2, and R3
go with arguments A1, A2, and A3 respectively. The inverse marker will swap
R2 with R1 if V=2 and with R3 if V=3.

        Role Mapping    A1      A2      A3
        V=3  direct     R1      R2      R3
        V=3  inverse    R1      R3      R2
        V=2  direct     R1      R2      --
        V=2  inverse    R2      R1      --

An example:
might be interpreted as "I saw them". To say "They saw me," the form would

I'm also considering a _reciprocal_ marker, which would take the same slot
as the inverse marker.

The reflexive marker eliminates an argument and causes another argument to
get 2 roles.