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picnic (X-rated)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, September 16, 2000, 20:10
Yoon Ha Lee makes the mistake of asking:
>How *do* various languages present sex?>
The naughty words in Kash: Acceptable: breast (of fem., there are 4, not particularly large except in pregrancy/nursing) muso; (of male, also 4, vestigial) mucuso; mumuso the male’s nipples, ambuso the woman’s; wakep yam (+dative) have intercourse with (lit. join with) ~(pl.subj.) yamakep; yoñ /yoN/ penis (see also below); onono testicles, oninde ovary (< ono 'egg', +inde 'mother'); lukanga fem.prostitute, sikanga m. id. both uncommon, I think (compds. with hanga 'hire, rent'); tepet... foreplay (lit. strum, play an instrument); tupatup (hum., slightly risqué) have intercourse ( <tup, imit. 'bounce'), totola “kiss” (< tola 'sniff') i.e. rubbing cheeks and sniffing (there are scent glands), totolum kiss with the mouth (< foregoing + lum ‘lick’) Vulgarisms and slang: nananja ~ nanji , a “quickie” (< nanja ‘collide’), cakafonjip touch in an inappropriate way, grope; paci hole, in several compds.; troki, icitrok, cakatrok to f*ck; of 2 men, often (hum.) murendik (=‘wrestle’), trok! f*ck, f*uckit (Burgess’ “forcough”); yoyoñ~yoñoñ, yondrak, yonji, ici 'penis'; trokanga ~tronga prostitute of either sex (trok+ hanga ‘hire’); mepu e trasanje masturbate (lit. do the unnecessary). _yondrak_ 'big...' may be used jocularly between close male friends as a vocative, more or less "hey, stud.../big fella..."; _yonji_ 'little...' similarly to adolescent or younger boys (nothing sexual is implied). Yondrak, in particular, is more fig. than lit.-- there is not very much anatomical variation in adults. _trok_ in related languages may mean simply 'poke', deriv. etrok 'fork'; in this variety of Kash, those meanings have been shifted to trik, etrik, and most words beginning with tro... are avoided/in disuse. SOUND CHANGE IN PROGRESS: /r/ is trilled, but many now pronounce the cluster /tr/ as in Amer.Engl., which leads to occasional confusion with "c" /tS/ and perhaps eventual merger...... Not sexual, but coarse: fup fart, ca- ~caka-fup to...; fuf! oh sh*t! (-f violates the phonology, contraction of the impolite noun form fufu) and the universal: ta tayondre, me shapalak 'not tonight, I have a headache'. As I culled the dictionary, lots of possibilities presented themselves; but no need to do a whole Kama Sutra just now. Roger, D.O.M.