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CHAT: Pike (was Re: theory (was: Re: Greenberg's Word Order Universals)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, September 16, 2000, 16:42
I wrote:
->(SIL folks, especially, got dumped
>>on.) Attitude like that produced hard feelings at Michigan, home of
Ray Brown replied:
>That's the first time I recalling seeing Kenneth Pike's name on this list >since Mark Line ceased to contribute here. It's made my day :)>
At risk of un-making it-- I was sorely tempted to add..."(anyone remember him?)" but thought better of it. (Actually czHANg mentioned him a while back in the list of contributors to a volume of "poetry by linguists"....) I'm probably one of the few degree-holders from Michigan during Pike's tenure who never took a course with him. Don't know if I should boast of that, or not-- the problem of being Present at the Creation of a New Paradigm. He was a brilliant but rather strange man. One of the few people I've met, in any profession, who could speak in complete, well-formed paragraphs. An amusing but sad story: One year I was nominated to hold the beginning-of -term welcoming party. All went well (Prof. Pike was absent), though we managed to spray the ceiling with beer. The next night, as I was sitting down to dinner and surveying the wreckage, -- a knock at the door. It was the Pikes, ready to party. Awkward explanations, and I really wasn't up to asking them in at that moment, so off they went.