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Re: genre (was: Woody or tinny?)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, May 21, 2001, 15:16
Raymond Brown wrote:

>At 2:21 pm -0400 19/5/01, Oskar Gudlaugsson wrote: >[snip] >> >>As for "genre", I hate it because a) it's one of the few, if not the only, >>word with an initial /Z/, and b) because it has an /nr/ combination,
which> English words with initial /Z/ are extremely rare, generally uncommon, and almost always mangled. Ditto for medial and final /Z/ (we discussed "garage" a while back).
>It does have initial /Z/, but not /nr/, please! > >The word is /Za~R/ - not an unpleasant IMHO.>
True-- if you're speaking French. Also /Za~R@/.
>But the original complaint IIRC was about the varying American >pronunciations (Brit ones are also odd). I can well imagine that [nr] may >well appear in them. But then, surely, initial /dZ/ must also occur? > >Here one hears horrors like /ZQnr@/ and /dZQnr@/. Sometimes there's >attempt at a nasal vowel - but it's almost invariably [Q~] and not the >French [a~] - most of my fellow countrymen, I regret, habitually fail to >distinguish between the French _en_ and _on_.
I regret to say that your first horror /ZQnr@/ is my pronunciation, and likely that of most people who would have occasion to use the word in US English. Unless I'm being very careful, I too fail to distinguish Fr. /en/ /on/ (and was mortified, when once teaching a linguistics class, to have been corrected by the two Francophone African students......) We have, of course, the already acclimated form, "gender".


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