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Metalanguage query

From:Jonathan Knibb <j_knibb@...>
Date:Sunday, January 25, 2004, 22:08
Forgive me if I delurk briefly ...

I've been working on the basic philosophy of my language Telona (anyone
remember it? :) ) and
have come across a concept for which I can't think of an elegant term.
Maybe someone can help?

The first idea is that a word or phrase within an utterance refers to a
specific entity at a specific
time, and I'm using the word 'referent' to denote the
entity-at-a-specific-time which is being
referred to.  But the same word or phrase in another context could be
associated with a different
referent - the word 'house' can mean my house now, your house now, your
house a year ago,
etc.  The concept I need to verbalise is, for any given word or phrase, *the
set of all its possible

I'm thinking maybe something based on 'describe', but ... 'descriptum'?
'Descript' (ugh)?  Or is there something obvious I'm missing?

cheers in advance,

emailing from work, so no .sig :)

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