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Hinession Dialect Continuums

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Friday, March 21, 2003, 7:12
Hinession was a language spoken in various conclaves
over a wide area. These conclaves were mostly isolated
from each other, and thus, even though there was a
standard lanuage (the dialect termed Northern
Central), which was spoken and written in the north as
the main language of the state, most areas used their
own, wildly divergent varieties. There are 17 main
varieties, which are further grouped into geographic
dialect areas which, usually share similar phonetic

I have taken several words of Hinession and seen what
they would look in the 17 dialects. They all contain
the vowel /O/ in the standard and the second group
contains the vowel /O/ followed by an /r/

I shall look at the following 4 words:

nogh 'goblet'  gors 'plant'
pot   'foot'   dor   'tail'

(G = voiced velar fricative)
(R = french R)
(^ = upside down V in IPA)

In the Northern Dialects we have:
North West:
    nogh      pot    gors     dor
1) /naG/    /paht/   /gaRs/   /daR/
2) /nA:G/    /pAht/   /gARs/  /dAR/
3) /nO:G/     /pAt/   /gARs/  /dAR/

North Central (standard)
4) /nOG/     /pOt/    /gORs/  /dOR/

North East:
5)/nO:G/     /p^d/     /g@arst/  /d@ar/
6) /nU@G/    /pUd/     /gi-rst/  /di-r/

*/p^d/ and /pUd/ seem to be more conservative than
other dialect forms, since they preserve the ancient
voiced final, from Classical North Nindic <pewd>

In the Central Dialects:
7) /nOG/      /pOt/     /gORs/   /dOR/
(this dialect is only different from the standard in a
few vowel changes, not shown in this data)
8) /n@OG/     /p@Ot/    /gOrs/   /dOr/
9) /n@EG/      /p@Et/   /gOwrs/  /dOwr/
10) /n@EG/     /p@Et/    /gorts/   /dor/

In the Southern Dialects:
South West:
11) /nO@x/     /phO@t/   /gO@rs/   /dO@r/
12)  /n@:h/    /pfO:t/   /khU@rs/  /thU@r/
13)  /nO:w/    /fO:t/     /kUrs/    /tUr/
14)  /nou/      /fO:t/    /kUrs/    /tUr/

South East:
15) /nUEh/      /pUEt/     /gO:rts/  /dO:r/
16) /nwEx/      /pwEt/     /gO:@rts/  /dO:@r/
17) /nExk/       /pEt/      /gO:@ts/  /dO:@/

Can someone from variety 17 speak with someone from
variet 1, and be understood?  You decide:

'I was drinking from the goblet'
 Mi ro hevna    eh   te  nogh

1) /m@ R@ hEmn@ Et naG/
17) /m@r jEv@n @t nExk/

 'I will drink from the goblet'
  sivâ mi eh te nogh

1) /sivam Et naG/
17 /mjID@r jEv@n @t nExk/

(where the grammar is different)

For Interest Only:
Classical Nindic:
  'I was drinking from the goblet'
  boi mi o hefna ech noegad
  /boj mi o hEfna Ex nojgad/

  'I will drink from the goblet'
  sibaw mi ech noegad
  /sibaw mi Ex nojgad/

  'I was drinking from the goblet'
  siphineisi eis i noiseari
  /sifi"ne:s.i e:s. i nojse"ari/

   'I will drink from the goblet'
  siphisi eis i noiseari

Elliott Lash

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