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Re: OT: we quaint Brits (was: those irregular prepositions)

From:daniel prohaska <danielprohaska@...>
Date:Sunday, June 25, 2006, 15:00
"I haven't" is standard in England, especially the south, as well. "I've
not" is more common in Northern England and Scotland as far as I know.

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From: Dana Nutter
li [Gary Shannon] mi tulis la
> One of the differences that has always intrigued me is > the way contractions are applied to "I have not...". > In the Western Lands that becomes "I haven't..." while > those curious Brits render it "I've not...". Perhaps > we need to put our heads together and agree to make it > "I'v'nt...".
"I've not" is also used around here (Southeastern U.S.) instead of "I haven't". This is something I noticed fairly quickly after moving out here 6 years ago.