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From:The RipperDoc <ripperdoc@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 15, 2002, 23:32
Hello everybody!
Now I've finished a preview of my conlang, Varon (or Varonian if
Varon is a language with few real connections to natlangs (i.e. it's not
based in any way on any natlang). It's constructed as the first language
that the humankind spoke in my conculture (conworld?) Leom. It's supposed to
have been constructed by semi-gods, who didn't knew much linguistics :-)
They constructed a language very remotely based on their own telepathical
skills, and constructed a logical and regular grammar for the humans. The
language then developed over time, under the influence of the humans, but
the changes were few, because the semi-gods didn't want the humans to make
the language unregonizable (it was supposed to be the universal human
language for all times).

The language is supposed to be a sort of mixture between latin, greek,
quenya/sindarin and a sort of pseudo-nordic language (call it "scandinavian
influences"). The phonology is simple and quite european, but the grammar is
more alien, but with much inspiration from latin. It's up to you folks to
analyze the language more! I'll keep this mail short, so that people dare to
read it, and then I'll post follow-ups if people wants more information.

The vowels are i, y, e, ê, a, u, o (X-sampa: /i, y, e, E, a, u, o/).
The consonants are p, b, m, f, v, th, t, d, n, r, s, z, l, c, ch, x, h
(X-sampa: /p, b, m, f, v, T, t, d, n, r, s, z, l, k, x, ks/)
Don't hesitate to comment my phonolgy! I need feedback!

The syllable structure is a pretty simple (C)V(C), with a few possible
consonant clusters.

The word order is pretty strict. It's SOV all the way through, no exceptions
(yet!). The grammar is based on the strict grouping of case elements. All
subjects first and their respective desrciptive words, and so on. There are
only two word classes, nouns and verbs. There may be room for another word
class, with the words "that's left", but we'll see. The function of pronouns
are made by a few nouns with reference as "self" or "you/them/it", etc, a
sort of primitive pronouns. But most of the time titles, names and such are
used instead, or just left out, if the subject/object is clear. Adjectives
and adverbs are made by verbs, with no special modifications. Colours are in
fact nouns ("It was black" is "It had black").
Most other grammatical functions is controlled by suffixes, so there's many
cases, as in quenya for example. Varonian is a bitt agglutinative, but not
as much as many natlangs.

Words are strictly constructed only out of the roots, because the language
is a first generation language (which can only be possible in fantasy
worlds, of course). But, many longer constructions is "brutally" shortened
by removing an intersyllable of ones choice. At the moment, I've a wordlist
with about 500 words, where about half of them are roots.

Marlo spoke with a beatiful woman.
Marlo woman-beautiful*.(PAST TENSE).(COMPLETED ACTION) tala.(PAST
Marlo lês-osae.(e)l.or vari.el.abi.
Marlo lês-osaelor varielabi.
Don't buy silver with gold.
Sanomo saonas
Sanomo saonas honastisabim.

Please comment!!

/Martin Frojdh


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