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Re: Newbie question

From:william drewery <will65610@...>
Date:Thursday, June 10, 2004, 23:22
--- David Peterson <ThatBlueCat@...> wrote:
> Jeremy wrote: > > << > I was wondering, when translating well known > passages to a conlang, how bound > do you all feel to the literal translation? > Obviously, word for word won't always be feasible, > but how much do you > translate from the intent of the passage and how > much from the actual form of the > passage?>> > > If you're talking about the Babel Text (and if > you're not, you could be), > quite frankly, > I don't even get what the original is supposed to > mean. Further, the text > you're given > has phrases in it like: > > "Let's brick bricks and burn to a burning." > > Which are English words, but clearly not English. > > I would hope that there's no language that can > translate that passage word > for word > with the result being the intended meaning (which, I > assume, is something > like, "Let's > make some adobe bricks [or something] and then bake > them"). What I do with > this > phrase is I try to be true to three priniciples: (1) > bricks are getting made; > (2) they're being > cooked so that they harden; and (3) a speaker is > suggesting that "we" > (1pl.incl.) do it. > So all I do is make sure that those three elements > are recoverable from my > "translation", > and then I just make a new sentence. > > This, however, is only applicable if you have a > conculture for which this > would work. > Let's say you're language is a language of people > who on the North Pole, or > something. > They're probably not going to be using clay (or > whatever) bricks to make a > building. > They're probably going to making an igloo out of ice > blocks. In that case, > in order for > the passage to make any sense in your language, you > should change the passage > entirely. > However, you should also make a note somewhere so > that whoever's reading the > passage > knows what changes you made and why. As long as > you've got that in there, > do whatever. > That's my opinion. > > -David >
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Speaking of translations, i've heard quite a many stories about this or that missionary translating the Bible into some obscure language in Africa of South America or where-have-you. Just what sort of liberties must have been taken with the Biblical descriptions of flora and fauna and, the Garden and especially the Book of Revelation I can only imagine. But it would make for an interesting discussion of just what "infallible inerrancy" means. Travis __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Friends. Fun. Try the all-new Yahoo! Messenger.