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OT: Surgery (was: Elvish ideas)

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Monday, July 28, 2003, 16:14
Warning: this posting may squick some.

Costentin Cornomorus scripsit:

> I know. [Viagra] doesn't do anything all by itself > anyway - it does require some desire on the part > of the man.
Even allowing for that, I think the success rate is only about 50%.
> Tell me about it! Delicate and complicated pieces > of machinery, difficult to implant, with very > risky surgery (due especially to the nerves in > the region of where the thing goes in) and a > difficult recovery process.
I spent most of a a year sitting on a pillow. And that was what my surgeon called a smooth and uncomplicated recovery. I also spent several weeks screaming in pain -- about 75% of which was essentially blue balls, a problem I'd never had before! I wish my surgeon had warned me, and I could have missed a lot of pain. (He did give me painkillers, but I couldn't deal with the nausea.)
> irreversible - you _can't_ decide later that you > want them out.
True. And they may need replacement down the road.
> > but certainly not an unmixed curse. > > Having helped put one in a man, I think I can > definitely say that (personally) I could do > without the sex. [At this point, there's almost > no operation I would _willingly_ undergo.]
Several years down the road, I think it was marginally worth it, all things considered. YMMV. -- John Cowan I must confess that I have very little notion of what [s. 4 of the British Trade Marks Act, 1938] is intended to convey, and particularly the sentence of 253 words, as I make them, which constitutes sub-section 1. I doubt if the entire statute book could be successfully searched for a sentence of equal length which is of more fuliginous obscurity. --MacKinnon LJ, 1940


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