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Re: 'per': was: Artyom Kouzminykh: Answers & proposal

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Saturday, August 21, 1999, 2:24 writes:
>Interesting. Get the total number of prepositions down to a reasonable >number, attach them to the noun, and maybe its adjectives too, and you'll >have one of those case systems that simplicity-obsessed auxlangers love to >deride.
Haha, maybe i should go on AUXLANG and see how much arguing my system can create (nah, i already am on too many lists as it is) :). Part of the reason i made one preposition cover a whole host of the same ones in English was because i am kind of lazy. Although, i think auxlangers who dislike ambiguity would throw a fit over my system: "How the hell are you supposed to know when someone means "to", when you use a preposition that also is used for "between"?!". It would actually be interesting to use the prepositions for marking case. perhaps i might make a daughter language some time in the distant future and do just that. ____________________________________________________________________ "Raw to the floor like reservoir dogs" - A.V. Helden ____________________________________________________________________