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The Hedgehog Returns! (And a request for web space)

From:Peter Clark <pc451@...>
Date:Monday, January 14, 2002, 18:53
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        Greetings, all!
        After a year's silence (although I've been lurking for the past month or
so), I have returned. There's something about this crazy list that draws me
like a moth to flame, or a hedgehog to grubs, or something like that. I
notice a lot of newbies (always a good thing) in addition to many familiar
names, so I might as well re-introduce myself.
        *cough* My name is Peter Clark and I'm a conlang addict. I've been on and
off this list several times in the past five or six years. Although I've had
several side projects, including Espanglish (an English/Spanish hybrid) and
Cleansed English (Purify English of Foreign Interlopers!), the language that
I work on the most, my heart language if you would, is Enamyn. Grammatically
speaking, it has the very unusual feature of noun tense (tense is indicated
by the nouns). It's an active (as opposed to nomative or ergative) case
language with fairly free word order (SOV tends to be the norm, though).
Currently I am working on Proto-Enamyn (backforming could be a more accurate
description) in prepation to overhaul the vocabulary. Hence, no tasty little
samples for you! Although interestingly enough, I have started conlanging in
my dreams. For instance, the other night I realized in the middle of a rather
weird dream about lava flooding a valley that the Proto-Enamyn word for
"laugh" is /qoP/ (where /P/ is voiceless bilabial fricative), which has a
certain onomatopoeic quality to it. Of course, it will be interesting to see
how this changes, since Enamyn has neither /q/ or /P/. :)
        Next on the agenda: I have been searching for a place to put up a web site
but to no avail. All the places like geocities or tripod have
pop-ups/-unders, banner ads, etc. Something that is also important is the
ability to have web polls; I thought it might be neat to have a poll of the
week for the conlang list (I've already thought up several) and have a place
to vote and comment (like a weblog) rather than fill up the list. So if
anyone is interested in hosting such a site, I would be delighted if you
would contact me. I would be responsible for the content, so you shouldn't
worry about maintaining it.
        It's nice to be back.
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