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Relay using somebody else's conlang (Was: Re: Fifth Conlang Translation Relay finished!)

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Monday, January 14, 2002, 19:15
On Mon, Jan 14, 2002 at 10:30:27AM -0800, Bob Greenwade wrote:
> At 07:05 AM 1/10/02 +0100, Philip Newton wrote: > >Or would it be considered impolite to submit a relay part in a conlang > >that is not one's own? > > Just yesterday I was pondering the idea of suggesting that someone > start a relay where that would be the rule (use someone else's conlang, > with little or no help from the creator). This might be handy in letting > those of us who have our conlangs posted on the Web to see how well we've > explained our ideas.... ;-]
[snip] Cool idea! Though you might end up with several people begging to use one popular conlang like Sally's Teonaht :-) But I say go for it anyway. It's about time we learned each other's conlangs :-) T -- You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely. -- azephrahel


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