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Poll by Email No. 21

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Saturday, January 18, 2003, 17:55
        Well, I only received one submission for poll suggestions...but then again,
maybe you all just missed it in the flood of emails this past week. In any
case, for those of you who were dozing or too quick with the delete key, the
Poll by Email is back. But before we start, let me reiterate that if you have
any suggestions for future polls, please email me off-list.
        I'm holding off on Andrew Smith's question for a little while, at least until
we get back into the swing of things. This week's question is fairly simple:
how long have you been interested in constructing languages?
        A. Less than six months.
        B. Less than a year.
        C. Less than five years.
        D. Less than ten years.
        E. Less than twenty years.
        F. What decade is this?
        G. I remember talking to Tolkien about his elves.
        H. I remember talking to Hildegard about those voices.

        Also, if you have an _interesting_ story as to how you stumbled into the
Secret Vice, here would be the place to mention it.

The Rules:
1. Reply to with your poll choice. DO NOT POST TO THE
2. If you desire, include a longer response in your email, outlining your
thoughts on the question.
3. By including a long response, you grant permission for your response to be
posted to the mailing list. If for some reason you wish to keep your response
private, please make that clear in the body of your email.
4. I reserve the right to edit your response for space and content. Not all
responses may be published.
5. All poll answers, however, will be accounted for. Multiple votes will not
count, you cheater. Hedging answers will be pounded into the closest category.
6. This is not scientific by any stretch of the imagination.
7. Poll topics welcome.
8. The poll results and a selection of responses will be posted next
Saturday, 25 January, along with a new poll question.