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[Conlangs-Conf] Idea: Conlang/Conscript Treasure Hunt

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Sunday, April 30, 2006, 21:51
This is a request for comments.

I suggested to Sai that the next conference have a "treasure hunt" of
some sort, based on how much fun I had deciphering Richard Brodie's

I'm envisioning clues, written in conlangs/conscripts, that will
direct you from one location to the next. At the next location, you
find another clue. I don't know what an appropriate end prize would
be, or how you would schedule this around the conference itself.

If we had enough different clues (and we might be able to, since there
are so many conlangs/conscript to choose from!), we could make enough
distinct paths to the final goal that attendees wouldn't be tripping
over each other.

Presumably the conference program would include enough information to
decipher all the clues.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticism?



Sally Caves <scaves@...>