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Aluric language site has moved...

From:Tony Harris <harrist@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 28, 2004, 0:43
Hi all,

I haven't been active on the Conlang list for a while, though I have been on
Conlangs_in_Use, now Use_your_Conlang.  I was here for quite some time way
back, though, and my language pages have been on several links pages since

The reason I've rejoined, is that I would like to announce that the website
of my language has moved. I've finally gotten it off the server here at
work, and gone ahead and registered a domain and gotten web space.

The new site for the Aluric language is:

I've also started referring to the language as Alurhsa instead of Aluric.
Alurhsa is the native name for it anyway, and it eliminates the confusion
some people had with the El-Aurian people from Star Trek:Generations, and
with a few other sites that used the word "Alurian" for an assortment of
reasons.  However, feel free to use either, I'll know what you mean.

The site isn't done by any means, although there have been some updates from
the old one, including more grammar documentation. But, it's there.

If you happen to have any links, or know of any, to the old site on then please change them or
alert people. The old server is gone, so it's a dead link anyway.

Zhë dishthe shthál ñe lhôñ svóná záxá
(The direct path is not always straight)