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Re: OT Cardinal Points (was Re: Clockwise without clocks)

From:Joseph Bridwell <zhosh@...>
Date:Sunday, April 3, 2005, 18:02
> Je ne suis pas Pagan, but IIRC from the handsfasting I > attended, each cardinal direction is associated with a > different set of helper spirits. The officiant > (priest(ess)?) faces each direction as s/he calls out > for aid from the associated pantheon.
Close enough. It varies from trad to trad, and there are a variety of concepts and processes going on for the Pagans which aren't visually evident to the others. Having the need to be aware of the cardinal directions for 30 years, the process or orientation has become one of which I'm not always conscious. More than once someone has asked about a direction, and I've responded, then later though "How'd I know that?". It's nothing "mystical" - just some subliminal mental activity. I knew one HPess (i.e. High Priestess) who was certain she always new North. Imagine the surprise one night when the moon came up in the "South".