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Re: "Useful languages"

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 13, 2002, 23:53
Mike Karapcik wrote:
>| | Tagalong: >| >| Sure, can I come too? (Sorry, I HAD to do that.) You meant >| Tagalog I suppose. >| > > Doh! Sorry! Mi bedauxras! > That's what my (Microsoft) spell checker changed it to. I thought
>was wrong, but since I can't spell at all, I don't question The Almighty >Spellchecker.
Somewhere there used to be a whole list of these, devised by linguistic students-- "I think I'll go lie in the sun," she said in Basque. "Can I come too?" he asked in Tagalog (requiring the same-- very common-- misapprehension and mispronunciation). etc. etc.


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