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USAGE: Outstanding Features - Andean Family

From:Alex C. <lista2@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 16, 1999, 17:39
I'm planning to begin a conlang based in languages belonging to the
Andean family but I wonder if I'd have enough "material" to achieve an
artistic, beatiful language myself.

Could somebody tell me what are (in his/her opinion) the most
outstanding features that make the languages in this family worthy of
notice? General features would be the best but those ones related to
particular languages in this family will be welcomed also. I'm mainly
interested in highland languages, not those in the rain forests like
Zaparo or Urarina. You can send features you find outstanding due to
their simplicity or their complexity, their beauty, their wit, their
rarity, their innovative solution of the problem, or whatever else you
can imagine.

Your help will be unvaluable.


Alex C.