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Re: USAGE: Outstanding Features - Andean Family

From:Alex C. <lista2@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 17, 1999, 14:00
Brad Coon <bradandjen@...>
>I will admit to not remembering what lgs are included in the Andean >family, is this a Greenberg creation? I am extremely dubious about >almost of all of his 'Amerind' concoctions. In any case, I suggest >you read "Sounds like Life" which deals with Quechua, this is the >most fascinating work I have ever come across dealing with ideophones >which are apparently extremely common and important in the lg.
Well, I have read something not exactly about ideophones but about the affective properties of certain phonemes in quechua. The document is online at And you can find something on the hypothesys that aymara and quechua both share the same ancestor (notice the tree figure in page 2) at: Greetings Alex C.