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Re: CHAT: facing your own mortality (as a conlanger)

Date:Sunday, June 29, 2008, 21:29
> [] On Behalf Of Rick Harrison
> ... > > If you have a personal language that you've never revealed to > anyone else, for example: would you want to write a
description of
> the language ahead of time, and make arrangements to have it > published after passing away? How would you make such
arrangements? I suppose you could have a will that leaves a small trust fund to cover the costs of publishing it on the web. Written publication could become very expensive though so probably not worthwhile without some big bucks. Of course you'd need and executor who's capable and trustworthy to carry out your wished.
> If you have web pages that you want to stay online after you
> no longer pay the hosting bill, what options are available?
> Wayback Machine at doesn't catch everything and it
> not be around forever.
That would be the point of the trust fund. How long would basically mean how much you leave behind. There are hosts that can run as little as $100/year. It's just a matter of having someone else to keep the site maintained. I know won't be carrying on my sites. I had to threaten them with a copyright lawsuit to get them to take my domain down. The point was that I don't want obsolete information being posted.
> The conlangers of ancient times published their ideas in
> which has preserved them to some degree, although some of the
> books are scarce collectors' items, unavailable from libraries
> never webified.
And for all we know there are many who never wrote anything and their ideas are long forgotten.
> Is it arrogant to want some of your ideas to live on after you
die? Well, now you're getting philosophical. As an atheist, I could care less what happens after I cease to exist, and it's the quality of the existence that matters more than the duration.


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