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BrSc Akuefi

From:Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 23, 2004, 17:16
Recently, in response to my "How many decades had briefscript/BrSc been
haunting me?" A conlanger wrote me privately:

 >>Abbreviations *shudder* :P ... never use more abbreviations than
necessary, right. My parents call using too many abbreviations "Aküfi"
["a:kyfi], that is supposed to be short for "Abkürzungsfimmel"
(Abkürzung = abbreviation; Fimmel = obsession).<<

I've never really like the name BrSc, and disliked BrScA and BrScB even
less. The trouble was the language simply had no name. I used to use
'briefscript' (always with quotes) as a sort of place-holder till it got
its proper name. Then someone suggested using BrSc (which could be read
ad_libitem as "brief script" or "Brown script" - tho I know at least one
conlanger pronounces it [br=sk]) and that name stuck.

But now the things has produced two offspring, BrScA and BrScB are really
not good - they're so darned awkward to type, for one thing  :)

It's really high time the poor things got named. BP suggested that BrScA
has its one CVC shape name. The word shall have no meaning other than the
name of the language. I agree. As |y| is a vowel (= /ai/) in BrScA, I did
toy with either 'xyz' or 'zyx' as the name. But maybe not very imaginative.

Any better ideas?

As for BrScB, it will have three consonants a_la Semitic  ;)
The obvious would be something like 'brs', 'brx', I guess. But other
suggestions are welcome.


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