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OT: FontForge

From:Pipian <pipian@...>
Date:Saturday, January 8, 2005, 1:01
Arthaey Angosii wrote:
> Emaelivpeith Pipian: > >>I personally use fontforge, but you kinda need to either have cygwin or >>linux on your machine, as it requires X Windows. For the most part it's >>very nice, and supports OpenType Tables, which most other cheap or free >>font creators cannot work with. > > > I'd never heard of FontForge before. It looks pretty impressive. Do > you (or anyone else) have experience with both FontForge and MetaFont, > to compare the two? Yes, I know that they are very different beasts. > I'm just looking for opinions on which I might want to use -- although > when I skimmed the FontForge FAQ, it looked like it might be possible > to import MetaFont fonts into the program or vice versa...
I've done just that (not that I've actually used metafont... I should learn how). I happened to download a metafont version of a font that represented the voynich typeface from the Voynich manuscript. Regrettably, the imported curves weren't all that great. I believe you can tweak it however, and get it to match up much better, but it's hardly perfect. It is a good start however, and you should be able to hand tweak from what it automatically imports. Pipian