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USAGE: Meals [was: RE: Re(2): USAGE: Pop, smearcase, kolaches]

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Friday, December 10, 1999, 14:08
Barry Garcia <Barry_Garcia@...> wrote:
> writes: > >Speaking of dinner: when is dinner for y'all? > > > >I use dinner synonymously with supper for the final meal of the day. > Dinner for me is always the last biggest meal of the day. It usually falls > around 5 pm here at home (sometimes later, but never past 8 pm).
I was under the impression that people in the US tend to have evening (afternoon?) meals quite early, and you've just confirmed that... As for me, I have _desayuno_ (breakfast) when I get up (varies a lot depending on my level of occupation!), _almuerzo_ at noon or at 1:00 pm at most, _merienda_ during the afternoon if I'm home (probably at around 5:00 pm, which the Simpsons' time :)) and _cena_ in the evening, at any time after the sun has set (in general, at 8:00 pm in winter, at about 9:15 pm in summer). My breakfast and my _merienda_ are usually composed of milk and chocolate, or tea, or black coffee, plus crackers and jam or cookies, and maybe _dulce de leche_ (Argentine creation, you have to try it!). The biggest meal of the day is generally the _almuerzo_; some people barely have _cena_ (it's not good to eat a lot just before you go to bed!). And that's the cause for many indigestions after Christmas. You *have* to eat a lot, late in the evening, and it's all food more suited to the European Christmas (highly caloric pork, almonds, nougats, etc. + cider at a 30 degrees C evening). --Pablo Flores