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CHAT: Christmas Stuff....

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Saturday, December 11, 1999, 6:31 writes:
>Yep. And then you go out to bars for drinks and snacks after. I am >_not_ a bar hopper, so that was the most dreadful part of my time in >Spain. I'm also not much of an alchohol drinker, so I drank lots of >coke. Which our teacher took to calling "caca-cola", because a few of >us would drink little else. Bar tenders got a laugh out of it. :) >
LOL. well if I do go to Spain for a year to study, i'll probably get teased because I dont like to hang out in clubs, etc. (one year shy of drinking age, but I doubt i wll be much of a bar hopper).
> > >We usually do the same, but before 9 o'clock mass, in Spanish since we >like the play and the music. And midnight is too crowded and late. >On the other hand, we're usually there until 11:30 or so, so we >sometimes stay and listen to the (English) choir give a little recital >beforehand.
Well, I actually like being in church with a full crowd. It seems like that's the only time when most people actually go. Our church does songs in Spanish, German, Portuguese, Tagalog, and Korean. Our Pastor even has a Portuguese nativity scene set up each year (he's from the Azores, and the nativity actually is more than that, it's a set of models depicting the various stops Mary and Joseph made on their way to find lodging).
> > >Speaking of festivities, did anyone attend la griteria last week?
La Griteria? One thing I like to go watch is "La Posada" which happens every year in Monterey. Great setting since there are a lot of the old colonial Adobe's still left there (Monterey was the Capital of Alta California when this was Spanish / Mexican territory). ______________________________________ Paciencia es paz y sciencia