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Re: Software

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 21, 2001, 0:06
From: "Jim Grossmann" <steven@...>
> Hi! > > I now have Microsoft ME, which is not very compatible with a lot of > software.
Really? What did you change _from_ ? When I changed to Win ME I was able to just copy all my programs over and they ran fine.
> Is there a word-generation program (free and downloadable from the net, I > hope) that is known to be compatible with Microsoft ME?
I've been able to run LangMaker just fine.
> I forgot to mention that I'm also interested in getting IPA fonts that are > compatible with Microsoft ME.
Win ME can use the same TrueType fonts as any other version of Windows. I believe you can download TrueType IPA fonts somewhere under *Muke!