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Re: evolving languages

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 15, 2003, 22:30
Christophe wrote (replying to Tristan IIRC):

>> I'm just wondering Christophe: were you trying to pun there, or have >> you >> misunderstood the expression 'more-or-less'? It essentially means that >> they'll follow them. > >Really? I've never seen the expression used in this sense. I've always seen
>meaning "some more, some less". >
It can mean "sort of, almost" as in "I've more or less finished reading 100 e-mails". Or: "Did you like the movie?" "Yeah, more or less" In speech, I suspect that's probably the usage 95% of the time. In writing and (ahem) careful speech, it can indeed mean "some more, some less", as in: "The Grulk islanders are more or less dark-skinned, depending on ethnic origin." Because of the frequency of the other usage, this one is liable to misinterpretation.