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Re: evolving languages

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, January 17, 2003, 21:17
Muke Tever wrote:

From: "Peter Bleackley" <Peter.Bleackley@...>
> It makes me wonder whether a future form of English might have such forms
> "I wigo", "I wibee" etc. "Future English"- now there's a conlang idea for > somebody - is anybody doing anything along those lines? I imagine there'd > be some Spanish influence, possibly some from Indian languages too.
I think Future Englishes are a decent-enough-sized branch of the conlang tree. In my version though, the future tense marker from "will" merged onto the pronouns... i.e., the future tense is formed with particles descendant from "I'll", "we'll", "they'll"... The present tense from "I'm", "we're", "they're"... I dont ATM remember how the past was formed, though. I played around with a Future English once, for a post-nuclear-apocalypse fantasy. Mostly forgotten, except it had undergone final devoicing and another Vowel Shift, such that "it is" was [tEs], "I" was [æ], and IIRC "no" was [nA] Interesting, now that the Soviet Union is no more, that particular post-apocalypse genre doesn't seem much in vogue. The original "first-contact" fantasy (1976) that gave birth to Kash took place about 2000 yrs in the future; the US and the SU had destroyed the northern hemisphere in a nuclear war around 1990; the terran protagonist John Rodriguez was a young spaceman of US Black/Colombian or Venezuelan heritage-- his 1990 ancestor was a crewman on a fishing boat in the Caribbean and survived the major destruction. JR's education had taken place in Brazil, Australia and Indonesia-- the main powers in that world (along with S.Africa)