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Dimel (WAS: Re: A question on writing/typing)

From:Axiem <axiem@...>
Date:Friday, October 15, 1999, 0:42
> Well, unless you describe your alphabet in greater detail, preferably > listing it (using a description of the characters you can't show, like > saying "{Greek alpha flipped around}" or something like that. You coul=
> try using diacritics, which we normally indicate by placing after the > letter, like e^ for =EA, since some e-mail readers will see =EA as some=
> unpredictable.
Oh yeah--duh ^_^ (ever since school's started my brain's been shot) Well,= a brief background on this language--it's called Dimel (or Drme'l under thi= s system of alphabet), which is short for DIMEnsional Language..basically i= t's a Con(art)lang of a Conlang..a bunch of guys who could travel between dimensions thought they should come up with a 'universal' language for th= em (so they could communicate and stuff ^_^), so this isn't designed to be a natural language ^_^ most of the people spoke English or another language that used similar pheonomes (or whatever they're called), that's the phoenome set they drew's the alphabet: (Capitol-Lowercase-Sound) (I don't know the technical symbols for these sounds, so bear with me) (the ^ after a letter means a letter with a ^ ov= er it..the ' symbolizes a whole new character) A - a - o as in ocular AE (that symbol that combines them) - ae (same principle) - ai as in air = (A' and d' in ASCII) B - b - b as in born C - c - ch as in much C^ - c^ - h as in happy (capitol delta) - (lowercase pi) - ou as in could (D' and d') D - d - d as in dear E - e - a as in lake (capitol sigma) - (lowercase elipsion) - e as in ten (E' and e') F - f - f as in four G - g - g as in good H - h - r as in rage I - i - i as in irate or nice J - j - j as in jump J^ - j^ - /zh/ (I can't think of a word with this sound offhand) K - k - c as in car or cage L - l - l as in lump M - m - m as in much (uppercase phi) - (lowercase mu) - see note afterword (M' and m') N - n - n as in never O - o - o as in open or note P - p - p as in purse Q - q - a as in apple or cap (uppercase gamma) - r - i as in igloo or in (R or r) S - s - as in sample S^ - s^ - z as inzipper T - t - t as in ten (uppercase theta) - (lowercase theta) - th as in thin or then (T' or t') U - u - oo as in spoon V - v - v as in vixen W - w - a as in call or fall, also au as in cause (same sound) X - x - u as in shut or cut Y - y - y as in yes Y^ - y^ - w as in water (uppercase lambda) - (lowercase lambda) - ee as in teeth (Z' or z') Z - z - sh as in shut Any one have any comments, suggestions, etc? But a note on M' and m' is is like, the intermittent vowel sound. In dictionaries it is represented = by an upside-down e, and is like the u in's a vowel sound not rea= lly pronounced, but is used to separate sounds..most often, it would end up sounding like the u in shut or so...though mainly it's whatever sounds be= st in the word (as my t' is also), as the accented syllable is whichever sou= nds best in the word (given that this is one part I have difficulty understanding in English) The sentence structure is S-V-O, like english. An example sentence would = be: Ki krtobe kim (I) (am) (me) I don't really have my verb lexicon yet--almost all the verbs I have are violent (to destroy, to bleed, to make war upon, to betray), so that sentence is about as well as I can do right now ^_^ as I said before--any comments, suggestions, questions, etc. Would be appreciated ^_^ -Axiem -axiem