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Re: new conlang- BÎhuenagwon

From:Rodlox <rodlox@...>
Date:Sunday, September 12, 2004, 9:55
>Finally, this statement you made...
><<Word order is Subject-Verb-Etc.>>
> clearly not true. The linear order you have is this: (1) clay; (2) sunbake; >(3) shape; (4) and. There is no subject, but there is no place in this >sentence that you can stick a subject that would cause it to occur directly >before the verb. (Well, unless it was a suffix to the direct object, giving >you OSV order.) It looks to me like the word order will be SOV >(subject-object-verb),
on thinking it over, I suspect that "clay" would be the subject...yes?
> unless you don't think of the object as an actual argument, but
a suffix, in which case you could make an argument for SV word order--if that's where the subject goes. But there is no subject in this sentence. Can you give us a sentence with a subject? But don't start off with something complex like "to sunbake and shape clay". Start with something simple. How about:
>The man sees the dog.
so far, the entire vocabulary pertains to geology; now I have to add biology, eh? :)
>Anyway, man, you've got some really wild ideas. How did you think this stuff up?
"let's give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything."