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Eak!! WHAT's in a name?

From:R A Brown <ray@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 7:51
Hi all,

I've just realized - and I should have noticed this long before - that
Ελληνικό Άνευ Κλίσι (Ellènikó Áneu Klísi - Greek without inflexions) is

It's just a literal, but ungrammatical, translation of LSF "Graeco sine
flexione" which doesn't make sense because there is no Latin (Classical
or without inflexions) in WHAT (Western Hellenic Alternative Timeline).
There is no way that Josephos Peanou would have given the language this

Unlike Latin (ancient, modern or otherwise), Greek has possessed a
definite article for the past 3000 years. At the very least the name
should be Ελληνικό το Άνευ Κλίσι (Ellènikó to Áneu Klísi), with definite
article attaching the phrase "without inflexions") to the noun which, I
guess, I could abbreviate as ΕτΑΚ (EtAK) instead of the current ΕΑΚ (EAK).

But I'm sure JP would have called it το άνευ κλίσι Ελληνικό (to áneu
klísi Ellènikó). So I guess the abbreviation should really be ΤΑΚΕ (TAKE).

{Groan} I suppose I'd better get on and revise the existing pages.

Entia non sunt multiplicanda
praeter necessitudinem.


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