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Re: Vocab #10

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 5, 2002, 16:46
On Fri, 31 May 2002 13:19:32 -0400, Aidan Grey <grey@...>

> Brought to you by a (architecture), d (directions), and subordinate clauses. > > Note: I'm going to give fewer context sentences since it seems that 10 is too >many. > > 1. house
Tirelat: to-ruba ["ruba] note: to- signifies that this word is inherently possessed (t-) and belongs to the O gender (o-).
> 2. wall
T: a milak ["milak]
> 3. door
T: e shuuru ["s.u:4u]
> 4. threshhold
T: a mizal [mi"zal] "border, boundary, limit" {new} a tipa-mizal [%tipami"zal] "enter-boundary"
> 5. window
T: u marat ["ma4at]
> 6. lock (v or n)
T: e syrik ["s14ik] {new}
> 7. room
T: o tziva ["t_siv\a]
> 8. bathroom
T: o meizatziva ["mE:jza%t_siv\a] "wash-room" (one with an actual bathtub or shower) {new} o pilgatziva ["pilga%t_siv\a] "toilet-room" {new}
> 9. corner
T: e dzih ["dz\ix]
> 10. ceiling
T: i zali ["zali]
> My house has a door that faces north, but windows that face east and west.
Vo lo-ruba jgaviven se shuuru nii syrini jlornemun, lha su marat nii niilhini ty mokini vlornemun. [v\O lO"ruba j@"gav\iv\En sE s.u:4u ni: s14ini j@"lOrnEmun Ka su "ma4at ni: "ni:Kini t1 "mOcini v\@"lOrnEmun] vo lo-ruba j -gavi -ve-n se shuuru nii syri -ni j -lorne-mu -n, lha LOC 1s-house 3s-exist- -PF NOM door REL north-ly 3s-aim -MID-PF but su marat nii niilhi-ni ty moki-ni v -lorne-mu -n NOM window REL east -ly and west-ly 3p-aim -MID-PF.
> That unusual house has 6 walls per room.
Jaa garra to-ruba da, vgaviven sa zema milak vo naja tziva. [ja: "garra to"ruba da v\@"gav\iv\En sa "zEma "milak v\O "naja "t_siv\a] jaa garra to-ruba da v -gavi -ve-n sa zema milak vo naja tziva that strange * -house TOP 3p-exist- -PF NOM six wall LOC every room *to- meaning "someone's"
> The threshhold is where the door is.
Sa tipamizal jnamanaj mu juut nii jnama se shuuru. [sa %tipami"zal j@"namanaj mu "ju:t ni: j@"nama sE "s.u:4u] sa tipamizal j -nama-na-j mu juut nii j -nama se shuuru NOM threshold 3s-is - -GEN ACC place that 3s-is NOM door
> There aren't any locks on the doors, not even on the bathroom door.
Jgavivekan se syrik ve shuuru, ngai ve meizatziva jeshuuru. [j@"gav\iv\@%kan sE "s14ik vE "s.u:4u Na:J v\E "mE:jza%t_siv\a j@"s.u:4u] j -gavi -ve-ka -n se syrik ve shuuru ngai ve meizatziva je-shuuru 3s-exist- -NEG-PF NOM lock LOC door even LOC bathroom 3s-door
> In the southern corner, against the ceiling, there are many cobwebs.
Ve vaaze dzih, ve joka i zali, vgaviven tadru stelhkazatrhi. [v\E "v\a:zE dz\ix v\E "jOka i "zali v\@"gav\i%v\@n "tad4u "stEKka%zatr_0i] ve vaaze dzih ve joka i zali v -gavi-ve-n tadru LOC south corner LOC adjacent OBL ceiling 3p-exist- -PF many stelhka-zatrhi spider -net -- languages of Azir------> ---<>--- hmiller (Herman Miller) "If all Printers were determin'd not to print any email password: thing till they were sure it would offend no body, \ "Subject: teamouse" / there would be very little printed." -Ben Franklin